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"As an approved centre of the Institute of Leadership & Management, and a preferred training partner of Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce and the PPA, it is really important that we only work with the very best trainers. Lucy has worked with us to deliver digital marketing training to an exceptional level and this is evidenced in the feedback that she receives. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lucy to anyone looking for expertise in this field.
Ian Laverty, Managing Director, Ingenuity

For a small or medium sized business it usually makes sense to handle your online marketing yourselves. The outlay to pay an agency to manage it for you is significant, and if you're not their biggest customer you may well find that they don't pay as much attention to your advertising as you would yourself. However, many of the marketing tools out there do require some time invested to learn how to use them properly. Search engine marketing (for example Google AdWords) in particular, as well as some of the tracking tools like Google Analytics are built to support the biggest advertisers in the world so can be overwhelming with all the features they offer for someone new to it. Bread & Butter Marketing understands these tools exceptionally well (having learned them at the coalface in Google!) and offers training courses to help get your business using them efficiently. People who have found them useful so far include:

  • a company keen to take their existing AdWords advertising away from an agency and manage it in-house
  • a company just starting out with Google AdWords who needed help generating good return on investment
  • a charity wanting help getting set up with a Google Grant (free advertising from Google)

We offer tailored training courses for your business that can cover any of the services we provide, whether it be an in-depth training on Google AdWords, help getting your company Facebook page performing effectively, or a workshop in newsletter writing. We can come to your premises or office and prices start from £350 (+VAT) for a half day of individual tuition at your workplace. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

Website Analytics


PartnerBadge-HorizontalGoogle Analytics is an incredibly powerful free tool that allows you to really understand who is visiting your site and what they do when they get there. The basics are simple for anyone to use but if you are an e-commerce company or are running an ROI focused marketing campaign (particularly if you're using AdWords) you need to be using Analytics effectively. Lucy Johnston holds an Individual qualification in Analytics.

There are several analytics products available, but you only need one on your website, and in our opinion Google Analytics is the undisputed cream of the crop.  We have therefore specialised in this analytics product and can teach you how to avail of its full range of features.

Bread and Butter Marketing can help with everything, from installing Analytics on your site to providing training courses in using it effectively. Give us a call today to discuss what you're hoping to achieve and see if we can help. 

In the meantime you might like to read our blog posts on the subject, which are available here.


Video Marketing


With the rise of consumer video on sites like YouTube, small and medium sized businesses are now able to compete with big businesses by advertising using video. Where before only those with huge budgets to burn could afford to run costly TV ads, with YouTube and other sites allowing video advertising, this power is now available for very small budgets too, all it takes is a hand held video camera and you can be running video ads that deliver direct response while also building your brand for a minimal investment. 


We offer the following video marketing services:

  • Video creation (this starts from only £100 - videos don't have to be expensive!)
  • YouTube channel creation: give your video a homepage
  • Video advertising set up: get your video ad running
  • Video advertising analytics: measure your success

If you have a product that would look good in front of a camera, or a video that gets your message across, get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for you. 



An Audit Of Your Existing Website And  Online Marketing Campaigns


If you already have an established online presence, we offer a package where we will provide an audit of how it is performing for you, this covers SEM (AdWords for example), social media and search engine optimisation. Whether you're concerned that your pay per click (PPC) marketing is not providing a good return on your investment, or that you feel you could be doing more with your Facebook page, signing up for an audit is a good way to start thinking about how you can improve your online marketing strategy.


We will examine all your online marketing activity and provide a comprehensive report with an analysis of what is working, what you can improve, and suggestions for a future strategy. Prices start at £100 (+VAT) but will vary depending on the complexity of your existing marketing.

Contact us now for more information and to discuss your current strategy. 


Social Media


What's all the hype about?

Everyone is talking about social media and social networking and so they should be: it's an incredibly powerful way to spread your message, and a lot of it can be done for free. Social media can do two things brilliantly:

  • Provides credibility and likeability for your business by allowing customers and potential customers to interact with you less formally.
  • Allows you to disseminate information widely about your brand without having to push it at people: they can come to you and are therefore much more receptive.

That sounds a bit scary though...what if I don't make any friends?

Bread and Butter Marketing is here to help. We can help you with all aspects of your social media strategy, from the initial set up of the basic pages (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn) to optimising your existing efforts and showing you how you can measure the results. 


  • Social Networking Setup: We'll come to you and spend a day helping you with the initial set up and giving your staff a tailored training in the best practice of social networking
  • Social Networking ads: Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and others all offer advertising of some kind or other on their sites. This is proving to be very good value, at least at the outset. We can help you set this up and make use of it.

Contact us today to talk more about your social media strategy, even if it's just to tell us why you think it's a waste of time - we'll talk you round!